WCC UK mid-career event: 13th September 2019


The Women’s Classical Committee UK is organising an event aimed at mid-career scholars, to be held on Friday 13th September 2019 at the University of Glasgow, from 11am to 4.30pm.

The Women’s Classical Committee UK run a mid-career event annually to help colleagues in open-ended employment discuss the issues and challenges that face academics, particularly women, at mid-career. Topics to be discussed may include decisions about whether and when to move institutions, questions around disciplinarity/interdisciplinarity and collaboration in research, expectations about international mobility and balancing this with family/caring duties, managing institutional expectations (which may be gendered) around types and levels of administrative service, taking on leadership positions, ways of supporting precarious colleagues, and strategies to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace. Those who register their intent to attend will be invited to fill in an online questionnaire, the results of which will inform the precise choice of topics for discussion sessions. We envisage that the day’s discussions will help to set priorities for resource development and future campaigns by the Women’s Classical Committee UK.

The WCC UK recognises that the term ‘mid-career’ is open to a range of interpretations, but also that different challenges face women in classics in different situations and career stages. This event is aimed primarily at women who self-define as having reached mid-career; markers of this may include being eight or more years after the award of their PhD, holding an open-ended contract, and having an established publication profile. If the event is oversubscribed then we will give priority to women in this situation, but we welcome applications to register from anyone of any gender who feels they would benefit from attending.

Registration Options

In-person registration is free for paid-up members of the WCC UK, who have received instructions on how to access this ticket type over e-mail. If you need the instructions to be resent, please e-mail us at womensclassicalcommittee at gmail.com. For non-members, tickets cost £10. You may register for the event at over at Eventbrite.

The WCC UK is committed to providing friendly and accessible environments for its events, so please do get in touch if you have any access or childcare enquiries. The catering for the event will be fully vegetarian; please indicate any further dietary requirements via the event’s online questionnaire in due course.

Child-friendly Policy

The Women’s Classical Committee UK is committed to making our events as inclusive as possible, and recognises that the financial and practical challenges of childcare often impede people from participating in workshops and conferences. Anyone who needs to bring a dependent child or children with them in order to participate in one of our events is usually welcome to do so, but we ask you to inform us of this in advance so that we can take them into account in our event planning and risk assessment.

Attendees who wish to bring children are welcome to do so; the safety and well-being of children remains their carers’ responsibility at all times.

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