May 2024: WCC AGM “Labour and Rest”

February 2024: Working in Archaeology, Heritage and Classics with a Long-Term Condition


January 2024: Mid-career event


July 2023: Mid-career event

May 2023: WCC AGM “Resistance”


July 2022: ECR event “Niches”


May 2022: Publishing Event with JHS, JRS, and Britannia


April 2022: AGM 2022 “Activism”


July 2020: #WCCWiki Colloquium


July 2020: ECR Research Dissemination Workshop

Speaker Presentations:
Michael Sharp
James Clackson

July 2018: Leeds International Medieval Congress

Details of panels.

April 2018: WCC AGM “Activism”


March 2018: Mid-career event

Save the date. University of Durham.

February 2018: LBGT+ Classics: Teaching, research and activism

Programme and more information. University of Reading.

Call for papers. 

September 2017: Bullying and Harassment in the UK Classical Workplace: Finding Solutions

Programme, registration and more information. University of Roehampton.

Call for papers.

September 2017: Wikipedia training session and editathon

Details of registration. University of Manchester.

September 2017: Adjacent, Alternative and Post-Academic Careers in and around Classics (ECR event)

Programme, registration and more information. University of Birmingham.

July 2017: Leeds International Medieval Congress

Round-tables at the Leeds International Medieval Congress. University of Leeds.

April 2017: Classical Association Conference

Two panels, a social event and a #WCCwiki editathon.

April 2017: WCC AGM “Diversity in Classics”

Programme, registration and more information.

Call for papers. University of Oxford.

January 2017: Wikipedia Editathon

Wikipedia Editathon. ICS, London.

Storify of the #WCCwiki hashtag

Post with videos from the day

December 2016: Workshop for Mid-Career Classicists

Workshop for mid-career women classicists. King’s College London.

July 2016: Classics and Feminist Pedagogy

Classics and Feminist Pedagogy: Practical Tips for Teaching. University of Birmingham.

April 2016: Launch Event and AGM

Past, Present and Future: The Launch of the Women’s Classical Committee. ICS, London.

Photos from the Launch Event.

Child-friendly policy

The Women’s Classical Committee is committed to making our events as inclusive as possible, and recognises that the financial and practical challenges of childcare often impede people from participating in workshops and conferences.  Anyone who needs to bring a dependent child or children with them in order to participate in one of our events is usually welcome to do so, but we ask you to inform of us this in advance so that we can take them into account in our event planning and risk assessment.  The safety and well-being of any children brought to our events remain at all times the responsibility of the parent or carer.  While we do our best to ensure that rest and changing facilities are available for those who may need them, this will depend on the individual venue we are using.  Again, please contact us in advance to discuss your needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them.