Classical Blogs and Sites by Women

Mary Beard – A Don’s Life – ancient history, Rome, academia

Sarah E. Bond – Sarah E. Bond – late antiquity, digital humanities

Virginia L. Campbell – Pompeian Connections – Pompeii, archaeology

A.M. Christensen – Nescio Quid – Rome, Latin, digital humanities

Emma Cole – PhD Vlog – academic life, PhD, Greek drama

Emma Cole – The Conversation (contributor) – Greek literature

Kate Cooper – Kate Antiquity – women, family, religion

Hannah Čulík-Baird – O pietas animi – Latin, Cicero, verse

Susan Deacy Mythology and autism – mythology, autism, pedagogy

Helen Forte – Minimus – Latin, teaching, schools

Liz Gloyn – Classically Inclined – reception, philosophy, teaching

Emma-Jayne Graham and Jessica Hughes – The Votives Project – votives, Roman religion

Edith Hall – The Edithorial – Greece, ancient drama, politics

Edith Hall – Classics and Class (contributor) – history, reception, class

Sophie Hay – Sophie Hay – archaeology, inscriptions, photography

Rebecca Futo Kennedy – Classics at the Intersections – Greek and Roman culture, reception, race and ethnicity

Dorothy King – PhDiva – history, archaeology, academia

Helen King – Wonders and Marvels (contributor) – medicine, science

Helen King – The Conversation (contributor) – medicine, science

Caroline Lawrence – Roman Mysteries and Western Mysteries – reception, writing, Rome

Ellie Mackin – elliemackin.net – ancient history, myth, academia

Rachel Mairs – From Hermeneus to Dragoman – interpreters, multilingualism

Rachel Mairs – Hellenistic Far East Bibliography – ancient history, Greek East

Roberta Mazza – Faces and Voices – Egypt, Greece, papyri

Katherine McDonald – katherinemcdonald.net – linguistics, ancient languages

Katherine McDonald – Greek in Italy (contributor) – Greek, linguistics, multilingualism

Aven McMaster – The Endless Knot (contributor) – language, history, podcasts

Jaclyn Neel and Mary Franks – The Library of Antiquity – academia, studying classics

Ida Östenburg – Julia Caesar (Swedish) – Roman history, political culture

Clare Pollard – clarepollard.com – poetry, Ovid, feminism

Carole Raddato – Following Hadrian – Rome, archaeology, photography

Fiona Radford and Peta Greenfield – The Partial Historians – Roman history, podcasts

Carla Schodde – Found in Antiquity – Latin, Greek, language teaching

Carly Silver – About Ancient History – ancient history, Rome, Greece

Diana Spencer – Rome and All That… – Rome, spaces, texts

Laurence Totelin – Concocting History – medicine, food, cosmetics

Donna Yates – Anonymous Swiss Collector – art crime, antiquities theft

Other Sites

Sensory Studies in Antiquity – A blog promoting studies of the senses in the ancient world

Blogging Pompeii – Pompeii, Bay of Naples, archaeology

Rogue Classicist – Rogue Classicism – classics from around the web

Classics International (Facebook group)

Classics Outreach (Facebook group)

The Digital Classicist – digital humanities, resources

The History Girls – history, historical fiction

Medieval POC – art history, gender, race

Sensory Studies in Antiquity – senses, multidisciplinary

Sententiae Antiquae – literature, philosophy, ancient world

Tenure She Wrote – women in academia

Trowel Blazers – women in archaeology and paleontology

Alex von Tunzelmann – Reel History – history, film, reception

Further Resources

Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies

Institute of Classical Studies

Society for Women in Philosophy UK

Women’s Classical Caucus USA