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You might also be interested in our Links page, which lists Classical sites run by women and sites which feature work on gender in the ancient world.

Our publications

WCC Publications

How To Avoid A Manel And Beyond: Some Guidance For Classicists On Increasing Diversity In The Profession – last updated 2018

So You’re Organising A WCC UK Event: An Event Organiser’s Starter Pack – last updated May 2019

Other press

Female scholars are marginalised on Wikipedia because it’s written by men The Guardian, 12th December 2018

Sister act: is the academic sisterhood too good to be true?‘ Times Higher Education, 8th March 2018

Resources from WCC UK Events

Full Storify of “Women in Classical Studies Editathon”, London, January 2017

Practical Tips for Feminist Pedagogy in the Classics, Birmingham, July 2016

Full Storify of “Classics and Feminist Pedagogy”, Birmingham, July 2016

Curated Storify of “Classics and Feminist Pedagogy”, focusing on suggestions for teaching practice and further reading, Birmingham, July 2016

Resources for the study of women in the ancient world

List of women in the ancient world with surviving works or fragments by Terpsikeraunos

List of scholarly editions, translations and anthologies by women

Resources for Women in Classics

Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies

Institute of Classical Studies

Society for Women in Philosophy UK

Women’s Classical Caucus USA

Resources for PoC in Academia

Black British Academics

Resources for Early Career Researchers

The New Academic

The Thesis Whisperer