WCC UK Rules

This page houses the Rules of the WCC UK and other relevant documents.

The job description of the Administrator can be downloaded here; last updated July 2020.

The job description of the Treasurer can be downloaded here; last updated March 2020.

The following rules were first ratified at the AGM on April 11 2016 and amended at the AGM on April 24 2020.

1. Aims of the Women’s Classical Committee:

The Women’s Classical Committee was founded in 2015 in the United Kingdom with the following aims:

(1) Support women* in classics**.
(2) Promote feminist and gender-informed perspectives in classics.
(3) Raise the profile of the study of women in antiquity and classical reception.
(4) Advance equality and diversity in classics.

*By ‘women’ we include all those who self-define as women, including (if they wish) those with complex gender identities which include ‘woman’, and those who experience oppression as women.

** By ‘classics’ we understand the study of the ancient Mediterranean world and its reception, including but not limited to scholarship by students and post-holders in academic departments teaching and researching Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology.

People of any gender expression or identity who support these aims are welcome to become members and to put themselves forward for office.

We seek to achieve these aims by working independently and with other organisations. Our activities include:

(1) Proposal and sponsorship of regular panels at the Classical Association and other UK-based significant conferences for the discipline.
(2) Financial support for members to cover the cost of travel, childcare and other expenses related to their scholarly activities.
(3) Creation and sharing of resources for teaching both feminist approaches within Classics and women in antiquity.
(4) A mentoring programme for PhD students and early-career academics
(5) Promotion of the positive representation and presence of women on-line

2. Ratification of organising committee positions, duties and terms of office including names of current officers.

WCC UK shall be organised by a committee including the following positions:

Duties of office-holders and schedule for rotation of offices:

Steering Committee members holds membership in good standing at the time of nomination and have the following duties:

Each liaison officer is a person whom members can contact as a first port of call when needing information, advice or further direction. Their duties are as follows:


The Chairperson(s) of the WCC UK is responsible for overseeing and managing the running of WCC UK events and activities for the duration of the two years of their term.

The Chairperson will:

The Steering Committee may conduct its business both in person and electronically.
Terms of office are as follows:

Elections to the steering committee and any other ballot of the membership shall be conducted by electronic ballot.

4. Amendments to the constitution should be proposed for discussion at the Annual General Meeting

5. The WCC shall have a bank account into which subscriptions and funds raised from universities and other bodies shall be paid:

6. The WCC shall raise funds to support its aims and activities from membership subscriptions and from universities, learned societies and other membership and support organisations within the UK Classics community.