Assemblywomen is an innovative avenue for the dissemination of research on women and gender in the ancient world (broadly defined, including reception studies) published by the Women’s Classical Committee UK. The journal publishes both ‘pre-print’ and peer-reviewed work in video format on YouTube. All content is therefore open access, and available to be used in a variety of settings including in the classroom. It will present current scholarly research in an engaging and accessible way, and is therefore suitable not only for professional scholars, but also for undergraduates and a general audience. The journal presents one issue per year, with content published on a rolling basis, as soon as possible following acceptance.

We will be accepting three types of submission:

Alongside all submission will be a list of notes and references, these will be published in the description of the video. Videos should be pitched in such a way that they be broadly understandable to an interested lay-person or early undergraduate, with explanations (or links to explanations) being provided for more advanced concepts. 

It is up to each individual to decide how best to present their material in video format but those submitting should note that while we do expect videos to have clear audio and visuals, we do not expect that videos will be technically advanced (filming on your phone or laptop will suffice). We will be able to provide some technical assistance if required, including with preparing, filming, and editing, including adding titles or images in post-production if required.

Reference Documents

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Editorial Board

Email the editors: assemblywomenwcc@gmail.com

Editor in ChiefDr Ellie Mackin Roberts
Editorial BoardDr Penny Combe
Dr Claire Stokes
Dr Thea Lawrence
Postgraduate InternCaitlin Yool