The WCC UK is run by a steering committee. All members of the committee are very happy to be contacted about ideas for future activities, events, and your ideas for the future of the WCC UK. You can email us at womensclassicalcommittee [at] gmail.com.

Current Chairs

Steering Committee

Liaison Officers

The WCC UK also has a number of liaison officers for different groups. All of us would welcome your input, including questions, concerns, ideas and any other thoughts. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Current vacant liaison positions:

registration desk

Joining the Steering Committee

Two new members are elected to the steering committee each year. The Elections officer seeks nominations for candidates from the membership in October and November; self-nominations are welcome. Voting opens in December and closes in February. The two candidates with the most votes are elected; the single candidate with the most votes will be elected co-chair. New steering committee members take up their positions formally at the April AGM each year and serve a term of four years. Steering committee members may serve two consecutive terms, but then must wait four years before standing again.

Liaisons volunteer to take up their positions, and serve a renewable two year term.

The Administrator and Treasurer serve five year renewable terms; they are nominated by the steering committee and voted for at the AGM.