WCC AGM schedule, April 24th 2020


The AGM will be held via Zoom: please register for the event on Eventbrite and you will be sent details of how to join the meeting.

Spotlight talks will be available on our YouTube channel from Tuesday 21st April – we will circulate a link to access the videos. Please watch these in advance of the AGM if possible, and leave questions or comments to begin the discussion! (You will need a Google/Gmail account in order to comment on videos).


10-10.30: Keynote: Judith Mossman, ‘Grass roots, Green shoots . . . is everything in the garden lovely?’ (live talk, to be recorded for later sharing on YouTube)

Abstract: This is a hard time for all minority subjects, and even for some we do not think of as such. Classics has the advantage of having had to fight for its survival for the best part of a hundred years – we are old hands. There are reasons for optimism in the growth of classical subjects in non-traditional institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary level, and in the continuing interest our subject, including new areas of its study, holds for the public. Complacency, however, would be fatal in the current climate. This talk will briefly survey some upsides – and some potential pitfalls, and invites further discussion on how to preserve and enhance the glory of the garden.

10.30-11: Keynote Q&A (questions to be submitted via the Zoom chat)

11-11.30: Discussions of spotlight talks

11.30-12: Breakout groups:
* Carers
* Early career researchers
* Remote working and mental health

12-1: lunch break

1-1.45: Consult the experts on shifting teaching online: Magdalena Öhrman and Ursula Rothe (live talks and discussion)

1.45-2.15: tea break

2.15-4.15: business meeting

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