Steering Committee membership


Following last week’s AGM, we have some changes to the steering committee and liaisons.

Thank you

Helen Lovatt has come to the end of her term on the steering committee, and now cycles off; Lisa Eberle has taken up a permanent post in Tübingen. Of our liaisons, Efi Spentzou has decided to step down as one of our part-time and alt-ac liaisons. We thank them all for their support and help in the WCC UK’s first year!

We also thank Katherine Harloe, our out-going co-chair, for all her hard work in steering us through the first year. Katherine has kindly agreed to stay on the steering committee to fill the vacancy left by Lisa’s move, so we will have the benefit of her input until the 2020 AGM.


Claire Millington (co-chair elect) and Susan Deacy now formally join the steering committee, and will serve a four year term until the 2021 AGM.

Susan’s election to the steering committee left the Disability Liaison for staff and post-PhD position vacant; Ellie Mackin volunteered to fill this role. Vicky Donnellan will also be joining the liaisons as the new part-time and alt-ac liaison, working with Emma Bridges.

We are delighted to have you all on board and look forward to the coming year!

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