Launch Event Draft Timetable


Everything is coming today for our launch event on Monday 11th April – registration will open very soon. You will be welcome to attend the whole day, just the morning or just the afternoon, or to attend remotely via social media.

For now, here is a draft of the day’s timetable:

Past, Present and Future: The Launch Of The Women’s Classical Committee

9.30 – Registration, coffee

10.15 – Welcome, house-keeping

10.30 – Short talk: Why are we here? (Liz Gloyn)

10.45 – Short talk: Women in Classics in the UK – The Numbers (Irene Salvo)

11.15 – Discussion Session 

11.15-11.45 – Break-out discussion, panel 1: Women and postgrads, early career researchers and casualisation (chaired by Rhiannon Easterbrook)

11.15-11.45 – Break-out discussion, panel 2: Women, mental health, disability, and additional need issues (chaired by Susan Deacy)

11.45 – Discussion Session

11.45-12.15 – Break-out discussion, panel 3: Women and implicit bias (chaired by Efi Spentzou)

11.45-12.15 – Break-out discussion, panel 4: Women and parenthood/caring (chaired by Victoria Leonard)

12.15 – Whole-Group Discussion

12.30 – Lunch

1.30 – Spotlight Talks: A series of five-minute talks on current research taking a feminist and gender-informed perspective.

2.30 – Roundtable: What is feminist scholarship? (Participants will include Fiona Macintosh, Stella Sandford, Alison Sharrock and Susan Deacy)

3.30 – Tea and coffee

4.00 – Official meeting of the WCC

5.00 – Close

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