#WCCWiki Colloquium 2020


The first #WCCWiki Colloquium will be held on 29 July 2020 from 10.00am to 3.15pm. #WCCWiki is a crowd-sourced initiative that aims to increase the representation of women classicists (very broadly conceived) on Wikipedia. Since we began in 2016, we have edited or created more than 450 Wikipedia pages for women classicists. For more information, please visit our Project Page.

The event is an opportunity to bring the #WCCWiki community together, and to reach out to those interested in learning more about women classicists online and why that’s important. We will share experiences and resources for editing, and develop future objectives for #WCCWiki.

The colloquium will be hosted online by the Institute of Classical Studies. This event is free and open to all but places are limited and booking is essential. Booking information can be found on the ICS website.

#WCCWiki Colloquium Schedule
Emma Bridges: moderator
Adam Parker: moderator
Valerie James: technical assistance on Zoom

10-10.15: Introduction, Victoria Leonard: what is #WCCWiki, why is it important, how you can get involved (15 minutes)
10.15-10.25: Emma Bridges, technical introduction to the event (10 minutes)
10.25-10.30: Talk 1, Richard Nevell: data and statistics (5 minutes)
10.30-10.45: Discussion (15 minutes)
10.45-10.50: BREAK (5 minutes)
10.50-11.05: Talk 2, Kelly Foster: Race and Wikipedia (15 minutes)
11.05-11.25: Discussion (20 mins)
11.25-11.40: Break (15 minutes)
11.40-12.15 Discussion: technical Wikipedia editing how-to and skills share – bring your queries! Ie., how do I make an infobox? How do I get images online?
12.15-1.15: LUNCH
1.15-1.25: Talk 3, Adam Parker: Notability (10 minutes)
1.25-1.35: Talk 4, Kate Cook: Achieving good article status (10 minutes)
1.45-2.05: Discussion (20 mins)
2.05-2.10: Break (5 minutes) Talk 5, Miller Power: LGBTQ+ (15 minutes)
2.25-2.45: Discussion (20 minutes)
2.45-2.50: Break (5 minutes)
2.50-3.10: Final discussion: round-up and future directions (20 mins)

Organised by Richard Nevell, Emma Bridges, Katie Shields, Anna Judson, Victoria Leonard, Kate Cook, and Adam Parker

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