Wanted: WCC UK’s Next Treasurer!


We’re looking for our next Treasurer! Our current Treasurer, Dr. Carol Atack, intends to step down from her post at our next AGM; we are looking for someone interested in taking over the role from April/May 2020 so that they have the opportunity to shadow Carol and get familiar with how the financial side of the WCC UK works. The Treasurer currently serves a five year term. The post would thus suit someone in reasonably stable employment, particularly with a fixed institutional postal address; these are desiranda rather than essentials, and we welcome all enquiries and expressions of interest.

Click below the cut to see a detailed role description of what the Treasurer currently does. If you’d like to discuss this opportunity in more detail or volunteer for the position, please drop us a line at womensclassicalcommittee at gmail.com.

WCC UK Treasurer Role Description


  • Duties related to being on the WCC UK steering committee
  • Reading and commenting on proposals for activities, plans and campaigns

Bank account administration

  • Banking cheque and cash payments (typically once a month in membership renewal season)
  • Monitor statements (monthly)
  • Pay bills (online, wherever possible)
  • Manage signatories and other account administration (annual)

Membership administration

  • Send out membership renewal message
  • Receive and acknowledge incoming subscriptions and forms
  • Check membership applications against payments received into bank account
  • Respond to queries from members and potential members about membership issues, subscriptions, eligibility
  • Maintain membership list and open version
  • Ensure confidentiality of membership data, especially financial information


  • Write funding applications to learned societies (annual)
  • Write reports on funding received and used (annual)
  • Find other possibilities for fund-raising
  • Thank members for additional donations


  • Advise and develop budget with triad, in event planning stages
  • Work with host institution on problem-solving, administration, liaison as needed
  • In run-up to event: pay for event costs e.g. catering, if required
  • Administer expenses – gather receipts and banking details from speakers
  • Administer bursaries – gather receipts and banking details from applicants

Small grants sub-committee

  • Support small grants sub-committee in planning small grants programme
  • Administer payment of small grants
  • Support the further development of the small grants programme


  • Produce reports on financial activity (income, expenditure, forecasts for future events) for the Steering Committee and AGM (3 times a year)
  • Present reports and discuss at steering committee and AGM (3 times a year)

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