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Niches – a peer support event for ECRs and PhDs 14th July 2022 – virtual


After an absence, the annual WCC ECR/PhD event is back, and we are excited to announce
that this year’s theme – broadly – is ‘niches’. ‘Niche’ is a versatile concept, which refers to
something that is ‘exclusive’ or ‘narrow’, but also the ‘place or position suited or intended for the
character, capabilities, status of a person’; ‘a place of retreat or refuge’; and ‘the actual or
potential position of an organism within a particular ecosystem’.

This event is an opportunity to identify, develop and articulate your research ‘niche’ in a variety
of contexts. The day will be a combination of plenary roundtables and breakout groups,
structured around working on self-presentation and career planning, from your ‘elevator pitch’ to
your five-year plan, to approaching career or employment breaks. These informal group
discussions will be a chance to explore and develop ideas with fellow ECRs, and participants
are encouraged to be involved within these groups in whichever way they are most comfortable.
In addition, there will be space to socialise online and form connections with other ECRs and
PhD students in a more unstructured way. Attendees will have the opportunity to prepare for the
breakout sessions, using planning sheets that will be sent out in advance.

The event will take place on the afternoon of the 14th July 2022. A more detailed schedule will
be presented nearer the time. Attendees are welcome to attend the entire event or to drop in for
specific section/s.

You can sign up at the following Eventbrite link.