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Appointment of the next WCC UK Administrator


Applications are now open for the post of Administrator of the WCC UK. The Administrator is responsible for overseeing the administrative aspects of running the WCC UK for the duration of their five year term of service. The current post-holder, Dr. Liz Gloyn, will step down at the next AGM, which will be held on 29th April 2022, and the new Administrator will take up the post then.

According to the WCC UK Rules, “elections are to be held where possible, and nominations by the Steering Committee are to be approved where there is only one candidate” for the Administrator post. To that end, the current WCC UK co-chairs, Dr. Laurence Totelin and Dr. April Pudsey, invite those interested in the post to get in touch by Monday 7th March 2022. Please send a short CV and a one page statement of interest to womensclassicalcommittee @ gmail.com.

Click below the cut to see a detailed role description of what the Administrator currently does. Dr. Gloyn estimates that this work takes about an hour a week, with crunch points of increased workload around the two Steering Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting. She is happy to discuss the post with interested parties; please e-mail her directly at liz.gloyn at rhul.ac.uk.

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Vacancy: Mentoring Officer


Following the appointment of Dr. Christine Plastow as Treasurer of the WCC UK, we are now looking for a Mentoring Officer to take over our mentoring programme. The Mentoring Officer is a liaison position; office holders volunteer for a renewable two year term.

Taking up the role of the WCC UK’s Mentoring Officer involves administrating the Committee’s three mentoring schemes:

Short term Mentoring Scheme

The Short-term Mentoring Scheme offers focused support around a specific issue for a fixed period. We maintain a database of mentors who are able to offer guidance on particular topics. The scheme runs year round. Administrating the scheme involves:

  • assigning mentees to an appropriate mentor within two weeks of application
  • confirming with mentors that they wish to remain on the rota on an annual basis
  • putting out a call for new mentors periodically as mentors cycle off the rota

Co-mentoring Triad Scheme

The Co-mentoring Triad Scheme offers reciprocal support over the course of one academic year. The scheme runs annually. Administrating the scheme involves:

  • putting out a call for applicants to the scheme in late August/September
  • grouping triads and putting them in touch with each other in September, and circulating guidance for the mentoring relationship
  • soliciting feedback from the participants in the following August

Take a Grad Student to Lunch Scheme

The ‘Take a Grad Student to Lunch’ Scheme offers focused, one-off support for MA and PhD students, and occurs annually at the Classical Association Conference. Administrating the scheme involves:

  • putting out a call for mentors and mentees 12 weeks before the CA Conference
  • matching mentors and mentees 6 weeks before the conference
  • soliciting feedback from participants after the conference

More information about the schemes themselves can be found on the Mentoring Schemes webpage.

Other tasks include:

  • promoting the mentoring schemes
  • fielding mentoring queries throughout the year, particularly directing applicants towards the appropriate scheme
  • using participant feedback to develop and improve the schemes
  • preparing reports for the WCC UK Steering Committee
  • attending WCC UK Steering Committee meetings if available

The role is focused on email correspondence and maintaining (very small) databases and lists of participants, as well as keeping an eye on scheme deadlines. It would suit someone oriented towards detail who wants to feel they are doing something concrete to help the WCC UK community. If you have any questions about the role, please contact the outgoing mentoring officer, Christine Plastow, at christine.plastow at open.ac.uk.

WCC UK Steering Committee Elections – Call for Nominations


Nominations are being solicited for joining the Steering Committee of the Women’s Classical Committee UK. The Steering Committee runs the WCC UK, including organizing events, workshops, and future development of the WCC UK. Committee members will serve for four years, with the option to renew for a further four year term. The Steering Committee wishes to encourage a diverse organization comprised of representatives from any background, location, or career level.

You may nominate someone or nominate yourself. Nominees must be members of the WCC UK in good standing (please check with Carol Atack, carolatack at gmail.com, if you are unsure of your membership status). Names of nominees should be submitted to Thea Lawrence, the Elections Officer, by Friday the 21st of December 2018. Her e-mail address is thea.lawrence at nottingham.ac.uk.

The Elections Officer will then contact nominees for permission to place their candidacy on the ticket. The Elections Officer will require a short CV (1 page) and an election statement from each nominee. These will be made available on the WCC UK website for members to review prior to voting. For previous examples of such materials, see here.

Voting will open on Monday 7th of January and run until Friday the 22nd of February 2019. The elected members will be announced in early March, and will assume office at the AGM in April 2019.

If you have any questions about the Steering Committee or the process of elections, please e-mail us at womensclassicalcommittee@gmail.com

Steering Committee membership


Following last week’s AGM, we have some changes to the steering committee and liaisons.

Thank you

Helen Lovatt has come to the end of her term on the steering committee, and now cycles off; Lisa Eberle has taken up a permanent post in Tübingen. Of our liaisons, Efi Spentzou has decided to step down as one of our part-time and alt-ac liaisons. We thank them all for their support and help in the WCC UK’s first year!

We also thank Katherine Harloe, our out-going co-chair, for all her hard work in steering us through the first year. Katherine has kindly agreed to stay on the steering committee to fill the vacancy left by Lisa’s move, so we will have the benefit of her input until the 2020 AGM.


Claire Millington (co-chair elect) and Susan Deacy now formally join the steering committee, and will serve a four year term until the 2021 AGM.

Susan’s election to the steering committee left the Disability Liaison for staff and post-PhD position vacant; Ellie Mackin volunteered to fill this role. Vicky Donnellan will also be joining the liaisons as the new part-time and alt-ac liaison, working with Emma Bridges.

We are delighted to have you all on board and look forward to the coming year!